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All over the world providers of care to children in day care and in early childhood education are constantly polishing their competence.  Utilizing innovative products is a big part of that.

While it is true that for the most part – humans are humans – and we have been for thousands of years, today we are influenced by different things and even children are subjected to new pressures and highly varied environments.  When you add our cultural differences to that, it makes the need for really progressively developed continuing education a must in child care.

PIC - CCTC 2017 SUBSCRIPTIONS 4 COVERS FLYERThe subscription packages now available from Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. have pre-selected courses in each one.  Their invention considers that we all have differing interests and needs when it comes to on going training. Plus it comes with a bonus.  Every subscription includes the special 3-hour continuing education course in the online school entitled:


Fun Ways to Teach Math to Kids“.  This simplistic course provides unique strategies and exercises designed to make math fun at any age. Further, it shows how to make learning math a major sense of accomplishment, even for small children.

For more product information in the online school:

Click Here for Subscription Plan I – Train up to five, (5) people – 9 CEUs

Click Here for Subscription PIan II – Train up to six, (6) people, 12 CEUs

Click Here for Subscription Plan III – Train up to ten, (10) people – 18 CEUs

Click Here for Subscription Plan IV – Train up to 15 people, 24 CEUs each  (Note a graphic may say 30 staff, however, a single purchase is for 15 only)

Innovation drives the way we prepare you to keep current in your knowledge base as you serve children.  That part of our focus will never change.


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