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Human Trafficking training for child care providers is beyond meaningful.  Why so?  Because the numbers are staggering.  When we developed the course, our goal was to educate on how serious the plague is while at the same time giving child care providers and early childhood educators a basis for training the eye.

This is the course….

Observation matters.  Why?  Because some who traffic children use child care services as a cover.  Often, the child has been conditioned into a psychological subservience’s, which means willingness to obey others unquestioningly.  A child in this situation may never tell, but providers can still be a source of rescue.

While the numbers can be sketchy, especially in some under-developed lands, these United States figures tell a horrifying story about how prevalent human trafficking is.

A. Calls:

1.  13,897 – Calls This Year

2.  4,460 – Human Trafficking Cases Reported This Year

B.  Victims and Survivors Identified

1.  High Indicators – 5,389

2.  Moderate Indicators – 5,254

3.  Calls From Victims & Survivors – 2,415

The continuing education and staff development course is mandatory in some jurisdictions.  Regardless of the regulatory hammer, it surely has value for all in the business of supervising children.


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