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What a gem of a program it is.  Michigan’s Maternal Infant Health Program or MIHP provides a home care model that serves the needs of lower income mothers and infants and promotes more stable births and early childhood development.  Allowing professional nurses, social workers, lactation consultants and others to have access to these families is a noble thing to do.

At the same time, you can talk to any provider and hear stories of so many mothers too transient to benefit from a consistent approach while others, afraid that their living conditions will result in a visit from Child Protective Services, simply refusing to open the door.  Collectively these items pose a challenge.

If this represents even 25% of all cases is this a basis to give up?  Hardly, others still can benefit.  You just have to wonder about what can be done to heighten the number of willing participants.

Next is the issue of reimbursement.  With a gross reimbursement amount under $100.00 for most visits, how many urban professionals will sign-on – outside of the owners – to make the visits and document activity in accord with the program’s high standards?  Will all of these factors combine to negatively impact the program’s practicality?

We suppose only time will tell.

Penny for your thoughts.

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